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The SkinBetter Science Commitment

At SkinBetter Science, our journey began in 2016 with a clear vision: to blend cutting-edge biotechnology with effective skincare, setting new standards in the industry. We wanted to go beyond just creating products; our goal was to pioneer a new approach to skin health and beauty, making a profound difference in people's lives. For us, it's not merely about offering skincare solutions—it's about delivering a promise of innovation, efficacy, and care.

The Foundations of Our Excellence

Our story is rooted in the significant achievements of our founders with Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation, which set the stage for our ethos: merging scientific discovery with skincare to develop exceptional products. These early successes taught us the value of innovation and the impact it can have on skin health and beauty. It's this rich heritage that has inspired us to push boundaries and challenge the status quo in skincare.

Built on Three Pillars

Our philosophy is anchored in three core pillars: continuous scientific innovation, rigorous clinical testing, and strong partnerships with skincare professionals. This comprehensive approach ensures that we deliver unparalleled skincare solutions that genuinely address the needs and concerns of our customers. Every SkinBetter product is a testament to our commitment to these pillars, meeting the highest standards of efficacy and safety.

Exclusive Professional Distribution

One of our unique approaches is the distribution of our SkinBetter products exclusively through authorized aesthetic professionals. This model ensures that our customers receive not only high-quality skincare solutions but also benefit from personalized expert guidance. Our "better connect" business model is designed to make SkinBetter products accessible while maintaining the integrity of professional consultation, offering a tailored skincare experience that meets individual needs.

Science and Simplicity: Our Promise

We believe in "accomplished science"—the idea that thorough scientific knowledge and meticulous study can lead to superior skincare results. This belief drives us to innovate, using advanced chemistry to enhance the effectiveness of our products. We're committed to creating genuine connections between our customers and authorized physicians, ensuring personalized treatments that deliver real results.

Our philosophy is simple: a single SkinBetter product can make a noticeable difference; a curated regimen can transform your skin. We stand by the promise of delivering impactful results that you can see and feel, simplifying skincare without compromising on quality or efficacy.

A New Era in Skincare

As we continue to grow and evolve, SkinBetter Science remains dedicated to empowering you to achieve your best skin. With a foundation in biotechnological research and a commitment to real results, we're not just another skincare company. We're your partner in beauty and health, setting new benchmarks in skincare and helping you discover the true potential of your skin with SkinBetter products.


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